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What is TAP?

  • TAP is an apprenticeship program (“internship”) offered by leading research institutes to teenage students (“intern”) who aspire to immerse themselves in a real-life research project experience and strive to pursue university education in institutions majoring in life sciences, health sciences or medical schools around the world.

  • TAP enables selected intern(s) to learn from and work alongside a world-leading research team in a state-of-the-art research institute, participating in specialized research projects with cutting edge technology in an expert area. Under the one-on-one mentorship from a world-class key opinion leader, interns will receive personalized coaching on various aspects affiliated with research. The valuable guidance provided by mentors will allow interns to familiarize themselves with the functional aspects of manuscript writing and publication processes whilst they simultaneously engage with fellow researchers and develop critical problem-solving skills based on research outcomes that can be applied in daily life. Upon completion of the internship, it is anticipated that interns have developed a unique mindset orientated around scientific research and operation. Interns should be able to demonstrate acquired critical thinking skills, effectively manage methodological tools, gain a sense of confidence in their personal knowledge revolving around future academic and career directions, recognize areas in which they excel and those which require improvement, and ultimately strengthen their interpersonal skills through working with a highly specialized multi-disciplinary team.

  • Each TAP affiliated research institute usually admits 1 to 2 student(s) per intake round. The total duration of the internship is designed to total 1 academic year dependent on the nature of the specific research project in addition to the specific requirements of the mentor. IMPORTANT DATES not to miss!

  • TAP starts off with an introductory online session followed by physical attendance and participation at the designated research institute (the “on-site” part of the internship). This is where interns will be trained from 9am to 5pm for a minimum of 35 hours per week. Interns are required to continuously engage with the research project via multiple online interactions with both his/her mentor and fellow researchers (the “online” part of the internship). The interns are required to co-write a research article abstract for submission to a reputable scientific congress that will be published in the form of a conference proceeding. At the end of the internship interns will be required present an online report consisting of an authentic article regarding their research findings, which will be followed by a professional appraisal delivered by his/her mentor and research team. It is important to note that, although the TAP outline is generally standardized, the specific duration and particular curriculum of each TAP may vary from institute to institute.

  • A certification of completion is awarded to all interns who successfully finish the internship program and fulfil all obligations. The award of the certificate is subject to satisfactory attendance. Additionally, dependent on the extent of the intern’s contributions alongside the quality of their performance demonstrated through the professional appraisal, interns may be provided with personal references, and an intern’s name may be included as part of the author list in the related research publication.

  • The interns may be accommodated by the appointed mentor in their house for the duration of the on-site component of the internship only upon the mutual agreement of both mentors and legal guardians.

  • The TAP Education Foundation acts in an administrative capacity, assisting TAP research institutes to promote, market and conduct all related activities in connection with the Internship Program, including but not limited to student recruitment, program coordination and consultation for mentors, internship researcher introduction, intern student intake and parent/guardian communication.

What is TAP

Who benefits from TAP?

High school students who plan to apply to top universities majoring in life science, or who aim to apply to medical school


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Undergraduate students are also eligible to apply for TAP

Who benefits from TAP

What are the benefits of TAP for prospective interns?


  • Certification of completion is awarded to intern(s) subject to satisfactory attendance.

  • Evaluation report provided to intern(s) indicating his/her overall performance and associated areas of improvement. This report is similarly subject to individual performance and contribution with no guarantee:

    • Personal references detailing the specific skills and overall qualities of the intern may be provided.

    • Intern’s name may be included as part of the author list.

Personal qualities

  • Resume-building matters, but lifelong skills matter more. Through conducting world-class research, individuals are able to pursue personal interests, learn something new, hone problem-solving skills and challenge themselves in different ways. TAP offers the unique means to curious and ambitious minds, providing invaluable tools that enable people to understand the complexities of various issues. Becoming a better writer, analyst, researcher and ultimately person is fueled by the desire to discover something new, whether about yourself or the world. It is research that fundamentally propels humanity forward.

  • BTAP provides an opportunity for you develop advanced critical thinker skills, providing individuals with an opportunity synthesize information, gather and interpret data, grapple with ambiguity, and decipher dense academic jargon in order to arrive at an informed opinion regarding scientific scholarly literature.

  • Learning is thriving, and the TAP facilitated research enables people to become better communicators, whilst learning to work effectively alongside a professional research team and provide their findings in a confident and professional manner to a globally recognized audience.

“Standing out” in the undergraduate application

  • A Supplement to the University Application. Many top universities allow students to send supplemental documents along with an application. The appraisal reports and certificate of completion of a leading research institute, personal reference letters by key opinion leader and reputable research team of the field, publication accepted in a reputable conference can uniquely profile the student and differentiate him/her from other applicants.

  • Proof Positive You Can Succeed in a high-intensity selective program. Perhaps the best proof that one is capable of college-level work is to do college level work, early on in his/her academic career. By working with university faculty in a challenging and selective research internship program, the student signal to admissions officers that he/she is up to the challenges of being a student at a top university and medical school.

  • Depth in Extracurriculars. Research project demonstrates commitment and depth in after-school activities. Yet many students commit to a wide range of extracurriculars, at the expense of depth and long-term improvement. Doing a research internship project demonstrates that the student is different and that finish everything that he/she starts.

  • International Exposure. A foreign environment gives the intern greater insight into international cultures/lifestyles

What benefits do TAP bring

TAP embodies you in the university application process

Your accomplishment in conducting cutting-edge research, working alongside a group of leading researchers in a highly specialized field will be an impactful co-curricular activity that personifies your passion and boldly demonstrates your talent in life sciences.

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Where is TAP offered?

In the academic years of 2023/2024, TAP will offer 100+ openings in various cutting-edge life-science research projects across 9 European countries.


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