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How much does internship training cost?

Internship training is an expensive endeavor that requires a substantial effort to organize effectively. The value of an internship program, mentored by a global key opinion leader in his/her respective field is estimated to cost around 12,000 to 16,000 euros depending on the amount of care required, the complexity of the research, and the total number and professional level of the various researchers involved.

What are the non-internship expense items I need to budget for?

  • For travel, accommodation, and general living costs directed at the on-site part of the internship, the total expensive is ultimately dependent on your personal standard of living, eating, and flying.

  • The online part of the internship does not incur any costs other than those needed to ensure access to the internet and zoom with the use of a computer.

  • You may be required to buy some reference books or research articles related to the research you are working on.

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