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Who’s Who

What do research institute(s) offer in TAP?

Institute(s) offering TAP constituents deliver relevant certificates and other related documents to verify student enrolment and completion. Also, the research institutes are at liberty to have the respective administrator provide a purpose of carrying out and operating the internship program within reason.

How do I choose my mentor, internship research project, and research institutes?

It is important for you to engage in cutting-edge research projects in world-class research institutes under the mentorship of global key opinion leaders in his/her respective research field. Your experience with the state-of-the-art research can effectively differentiate your co-curricular activity from the rest.

How can I tell whether a mentor is a global KOL and what the direction of his/her research is?

Go to Google Scholar and find out the number of research articles that they have published. Also identify the impact factor numbers of the journals which accept their articles to help you understand more. Go to Wikipedia and find out about your prospective mentor’s academic achievements, rank or appointments within internationally recognized research associations or societies. All of these sources can give you a good idea about your prospective mentor’s global influence in their respective field.

What is the role of TAP Education Foundation Ltd.?

TAP Education Foundation is an administrative agent representing the TAP research institutes in order to promote, market and conduct all activities in connection with the Internship Program, including student recruitment, program coordination and consultation for mentors, internship researchers, intern students and parents.

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