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 Logistics & Insurance

Do you assist in travel arrangements, accommodation and local support?

​These arrangements are not part of the components offered by the internship program, and you should discuss the details of these arrangements with your parents or guardians. Upon your request, the TAP Education Foundation Ltd. would be able to arrange a pick-up service to transfer you from the local airport to the research institute (with or without being accompanied by your parents). The TAP Education Foundation Ltd. will also provide general local assistance that may be needed for organizing the living arrangements for the on-site component of the internship. We would happily provide you with a current quotation list of any relevant logistic services you may need.

Where do you recommend I stay during my on-site internship training period?

Accommodation would be based on your own preference according to your and your family’s needs. In order to maximize the experience of living in a foreign country, you would be ideally lodged in a private room within your prospective mentor’s house whenever possible. If this is not a suitable option, alternative options are available to meet your needs. Consequently, lodging can be arranged accordingly to the following possibilities:​

  • University Student Housing affiliated to the research institute providing internship training (only if available)

  • An Airbnb or hotel nearby the research institute workplace

  • Institute workplace

Will I be insured?

We suggest that you purchase your own traveler’s insurance in order to effectively fully cover the entirety of your stay in the designated country. Depending on the insurance policy provided by the research institute that you will be attending, visitors/tourists may be presented with a very different coverage policy when compared to the staff or full-time students. Please give this aspect careful consideration before committing to the internship.

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